Welcome to Les Floralies campsite (****) in Oléron Island
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Conditions and terms

The campsite accepts bookings of pitches and rents under the followins conditions

  • All bookings are in the hirer's name and may not be transferred.
  • For pitches, booking is validated by a down-payment by cheque (€30 for stays shorter than 4 nights, €70 for longer stays)    + €10 for reservation expenses, the balance is due one month prior to arrival (Except if it's a last minute booking).
  • For rents, the application must be accompanied by down-payment for an amount of 30% of the whole amount, paid by cheque, + €10 for reservation expenses. The balance is due one month prior to arrival (Except if it's a last minute booking). 
  • Down-payment shall be paid by check or postal money order. Balance shall be paid by check, holiday voucher ANCV or cash.
  • The refund of down-payments is guaranteed only for cancellations received one month before your anticipated date of arrival. After expiration of this delay, no refund shall be made.
  • The client agrees to abide to the campsite internal regulations and ensure all the occupants of the rent shall abide to them.
  • Only the persons indicated in the contract (babies included) will be admitted in the rent and will be granted access to the campsite’s services. In the event of non-compliance with these conditions and terms, false statement or breach of internal regulations, the booking will be immediately cancelled with no refund.
  • Rents can’t accomodate more occupants than the maximum number of persons allowed (4 persons mobile home = 4 persons).
  • No discount will be given for an earlier departure or a later arrival.
  • No booking will be arranges for a precise pitch number.
  • Clients can’t enter a rent before the hour specified in the contract.
  • It is the camper's responsibility to take out insurance against theft, fire and civil liability.
  • Image rights: during your stay at the “Les Floralies” campsite, you may be photographed or filmed for our brochures or the illustration of our website. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed, please leave a written statement at the reception office at your arrival.
  • Wearing the identification bracelet in the campsite is mandatory during your whole stay in July and August.
  • Broken or lost bracelets shall be charged €1.
  • Only one vehicle allowed per pitch.
  • Visitors must always present themselves at the reception office. They can enter the campsite free of charge but can’t access the campsite’s facilities.
  • Minors must be accompanied by their parents.